Extraordinary Times And Opportunities for The Games Industry

BERLIN – Despite pandemic me.mento XR interactive AG sees positive positioning of the games industry for 2021. A statement.

Although the current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual review of 2020 predicts both exciting and challenging opportunities for the future of games industry.

From games funding, collaborations and community events to youth protection, diversity and digital education; once again it’s „easy to learn and hard to master“.

After all, the pandemic is having a fundamental impact in games industry. New releases are being delayed, daily coordinations of game development from the home office continuously poses any risks. But during the shutdown, especially video game markets have grown strongly worldwide, including in Germany. According to ‚game – Verband der deutschen Games-Branche‘, the vast majority of games companies in Germany are confident about 2021, regardless of the Covid 19 pandemic.

„Following years will show in which way our current efforts will be rewarded and will have created opportunities for the games industry,“ says Markus Melching, CEO of me.mento XR interactive AG. „Video games are a fantastic entertainment medium, driven by today more than ever with the help of openness and curiosity – a level we should master together.“

About me.mento XR interactive AG
me.mento XR interactive AG (MXR) is a globally operating Mixed Reality Studio based in Berlin. MXR creates state-of-the-art XR products and services to revolutionize digital behavior and to make new technologies accessible to a broad target group. By combining development and publishing competences under one roof, MXR covers the entire value-creation chain from idea generation over design and development up to the release and marketing of XR products and services.

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