Casino Games Prototype Development

Project Case in 2021

With an established ruleset there are things you cannot improve, but you can always individualize them. The primary goal is to explore the combination of classic casino games and the advantages of VR and a full 3D environment.

Social interaction plays a big part in a gaming experience. In order to improve a casino game, multiplayer plays a big part in the design of the MXR AG prototype. As a proof of concept, the following 3 games are currently in development:

Slot Machine

As a major revenue driver in the online casino market, slot machines are the obvious choice for further research how to improve the experience. Digital technology has resulted in variations on the original slot machine concept by introducing more interactive elements and reward systems, but the advantage of a fully realized 3D environment in combination with VR could open up even more possibilities.


When thinking about casinos, you´ll think of roulette. The classic casino game. While staying faithful to the heritage of the original game, MXR AG is looking into ways to improve the experience for new audiences and existing fans. Ease of use and an individual design of the world around the actual game have potential for further improvements.


No casino without the classic card game. You can´t change the rules but individualizing the presentation is a field that is worth exploring. From custom cards and representation of rewards to unique dealer characters tailored to specific player types. Even though the established Blackjack set up remains a classic, more unque settings might attract new players.


Besides extensive market research and player behaviour studies, the current COVID-19 situation plays a large part in our decision making process. For this reason, we have published a light paper (German version, click here) that provides insights into a potential realignment of this market from a variety of research.