The Sci-Fi Escape Room Game’s Product Page Is Now Accessible on Steam

Good news for VR gaming fans: The new Sci-Fi Escape Room Game for VR is ready for release! The developing and publishing company me.mento XR interactive AG has officially announced the Steam release of „despatch: Entity Astray“ for November 13. The VR game’s Steam Page is now accessible for gamers who want to take a first look at the new VR adventure.

Link to Steam: „despatch: Entity Astray“ on Steam

„despatch“ Is the Beginning of a New Sci-Fi Adventure

The release of „despatch“ marks the birth of a new Science Fiction universe. In the initial VR adventure „despatch: Entity Astray“, players are confronted with an odd and unknown world. Waking up in a surreal situation, they have to escape the deadly scenario by uncovering unknown environments, studying surrounding mechanics and discovering their identity.

On the related LORE and Meta website, „despatch“ invites players to dive deeper into the created universe. In a mix of reality and fiction, users can stay up to date with the latest news in the universe and development stages of upcoming „despatch“ adventures.

Sci-Fi Meets Experimental Escape Room Gameplay

„despatch: Entity Astray“ combines Sci-Fi Adventures and experimental Escape Room Games. Developed and optimized for Virtual Reality, „despatch“ creates an immersive gaming experience. Impressive AA graphics, detailed environments, futuristic effects and a complex level design make „despatch: Entity Astray“ a thrilling VR game.

Several solution approaches and environmental storytelling bring refreshing versatility to the gaming experience. Start your VR adventure now and bring light into the unknown darkness.

About me.mento XR interactive AG
me. Mento XR interactive AG (MXR) is a globally operating Mixed Reality Studio based in Berlin. MXR creates state-of-the-art XR products and services to revolutionize digital behavior and to make new technologies accessible to a broad target group. By combining development and publishing competences under one roof, MXR covers the entire value-creation chain from idea generation over design and development up to the release and marketing of XR products and services.

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