Team & Management

me.mento XR interactive AG

me.mento XR interactive AG (MXR) is a globally operating independent Mixed Reality Studio based in Berlin. MXR creates state-of-the-art XR products and services to revolutionize digital behavior and to make new technologies accessible to a broad target group.

By combining development and publishing competences under one roof, MXR covers the entire value-creation chain from idea generation over design and development up to the release and marketing of XR products and services.


CEO | Markus Melching is the strategic mastermind behind the successful rebranding and evolution of me.mento XR interactive AG (MXR). With over 20 years of professional experience as a programmer, developer, CTO, COO and CEO in various renowned gaming and digital service companies like Gamigo AG, Frogster Online Gaming GmbH, Infernum Productions AG and many more, he brings extensive know-how into the strategic development of MXR. Corporate & Product Strategy Development, Department Management & Leadership, Software Engineering, Team Building and Productivity Enhancements are just a few of the key competences that make Markus Melching a comprehensive and credible executive. Being a true professional and industry veteran in the online gaming market, he has a strong sense of market trends, helping him to guide the company and its products into the right and future proof direction.

CFO | Dominik Heer has a strategic plan: It’s called “Doing Things”. With over 12 years of professional experience as an Attorney at Law, he knows the legal system like the back of his hand. Labor Law, Commercial Law, Licensing, Financial Planning, Legal ICO Advice and Strategic (Partnership) Management are just a few of the key competences that make Dominik Heer a comprehensive and credible executive. Being a qualified Legal Expert with extensive know-how in business management, Dominik knows how to run financially controlled operations efficiently while keeping a juridical clean sheet for his company.


Board Assistance

Cordula-Maya Rosenberg is the Senior Executive Assistant.

Curiosity and an entrepreneurial mindset drive her forward and so she has gained experience in various business areas over the past 12 years, also in setting up companies. Always with the focus on the structure, organization and management of processes and employees. She is a specialist who knows what is needed before others do. She attaches great value to a smooth system in which there is a positive and positive mood and communication at the same time. Always with the goal in focus, there are no barriers that cannot be passed.

Creative Direction

Matthias Müller is Creative Director, Development

As a professional in the diverse field of creative development of future technologies and with more than 17 years of working experience in different lead and senior roles for several high profile games, film, and versatile advertisement projects, he is a proven expert in game cinematic and trailer production. This is followed by a wealth of experience in motion capture, scalable internal and external project management and, of course, the development processes above and beyond current and past gaming development.

Brand Management

Philipp Begasse is the PR and Brand Management specialist.

With over 10 years of professional experience as a Graphic and Web Designer and following as Communication Manager on a corporate level, Philipp Begasse brings his extensive visual and organizational know-how to the company. Adding his attention to detail mentality and extensive expertise in Corporate Design, Content Management and PR, he is responsible for the company’s visibility and outer appearance in order to efficiently stand out in the vast and fast growing market of future technologies such as virtual and augmented reality.