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Professional Metaverse Experiences

Our Mission


We decouple ourselves from our physical bounds and standard thinking…


… to develop applications that are intended to help shape XR as basic technology…


… in order to completely revolutionize the view and interaction with the world.

About us

Welcome to Our Reality

We are a globally operating independent Mixed Reality Studio based in Berlin. Our idea behind MXR is to create state-of-the-art XR products and services to revolutionize digital behavior and to make new technologies accessible to a broad target group. By combining development and publishing competences under one roof, we cover the entire value-creation process.

From idea generation over design and development up to the release and marketing of awesome XR products and services – our entire team shares one mission: Professional Metaverse Experiences


Cross-platform Experience

Cross-platform development is the practice of developing software products or services for multiple platforms or software environments. Engineers and developers use various methods to accommodate different operating systems or environments for one application or product.


Current Projects


With automotiverse, we create innovative worlds of experience around the topic of cars in the metaverse: We offer unique XR experiences where users can immersively experience and buy their dream cars, visit car shows, design cars themselves or exchange ideas with other car enthusiasts.

Start on Jan, 2022.

NFT Art project

We are developing a VR art gallery which can be visited with any device. The gallery shows masterpieces of a digital artist. He has created digital artworks from banknotes using special XR technology.

As a highlight, we can meet in person later in the XR Gallery!

Start on October, 2021.

Casino Games Prototype Development

MXR AG is developing a cross-platform XR prototype for an online casino experience. Besides extensive market research and player behaviour studies, the current situation plays a large part in our decision making process.

Current trends show that gamer behaviour has not only adapted to the shifting lifestyles but has also evolved. As a result, a growing potential in this genre can be identified for the future. Starting with an Oculus Quest 2 prototype, MXR translates 3 classic casino games to VR to tap into this new potential market.

End of project Q1, 2021.

The beginning of a new Sci-Fi Universe

Our initial adventure „despatch: Entity Astray“ is a combination of Sci-Fi adventures and experimental Escape Room Games. Impressive AA graphics, detailed environments, futuristic effects and a complex level design make “despatch” a remarkable gaming experience.

On the related LORE and Meta website,, players can dive deeper into the “despatch” universe and find out more about the story, news and the development of future products.

Steam Release on November 13, 2020.